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Products & Services

We proudly offer a broad line of conveyor belting and power transmission products. We have access to hundreds of styles of conveyor belting from the smallest conveyors to the largest industrial systems. Our belts keep Cleveland moving, packing, shipping, building, and growing. Scroll down for more examples!



Conveyor Belts

We do both in-house and field service work on conveyor belts.


Our belt services include shortening, 

lengthening with inserts, and lacing.



We carry a large selection of V-belts (in rubber & kevlar) for industry and home in standard, metric and hard to find sizes


Other Belts

Our belt inventory includes Synchronous belts, Poly-V, Polyflex, variable speed and various types of link-belting, perforated and open end. We can fabricate belts to your specifications. Round urethane belts can be made on site.


Fittings & Hose

We carry all types of hose and fittings including air line, ducting & exhaust hose, food & beverage hose, push-on hose, and coil hose.


Other products we carry include:

  • High Temp Fabric Belts in Silicon, Teflon, Kevlar, Nomex and Grass Cloth

  • Poly chain GT belting

  • All Types of Tubing, Nylon, Interbraided, Clear, Wire -reinforced, etc.

  • Sheet Rubber, Nitrite, Skirtboard Rubber

  • Cast Urethane Sheets and Wheels


Through our industrial partnership program we allow access to our Italian/Swiss made Habasit PT-100/6 Hot Pressing (P-100 Heat Press Device) Belt Joiner. For more information use the contact us form or visit our Solon, Ohio warehouse and office location.

Slome Habasit P-100 Heat Press.JPG

We do special polyester transfer belts used in screen printing applications. Completely non-magnetic and in this case saved the customer over $500 in replacement costs. 

magnetic screen print belt.png

2/26/2021 Recent interesting recent projects included tracking down a massive Super HC Powerband 4/8V2800 and a fix on a red urethane product called Novitane® from a local company called Novex, Inc. The conveyor fix required a heat weld using an 1100°F concentrated air gun from Steinel. 

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