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Lot of 10 (qty) D210L050 Dual Timing Belts, 0.5" Width, 0.375" Pitch, 21" Pitch Length, 0.180" Height, 56 Total Teeth.


Equivalent replacement belt for models: Gates 9246-2103 D210L050. Bando model 210DL050G. Jason Industrial D210L050. Continental ContiTech 20043496 D210L050 Dual Positive Drive Light Timing. Other part descriptions may include "TP" such as TB Woods TP210L050.


This type of belt has teeth on both sides which generate synchronized drive from both nylon faced surfaces. Drives using these belts include multipoint; rotation reversal with a single belt; serpentine drives and drives with high torque. Understanding the torque requirement for the application is critical in selecting the proper belt. Double-sided belts are available in MXL, XL, L, 3mm HTD, 5mm HTD as well as T5 and T10 pitches. 


The distinct advantage of double-sided belts is its ability to exert maximum rated load from both sides. For example, a double-sided belt rated at 10 lb per inch could be used with 50% of the maximum rated on one side, and 50% on the other (5 lbs per side) or 9 lbs on one side, and 1lb on the other for a combined 10 lbs per inch total. This creates additional capability as far as direction, speed, indexing, and breaking for applications in packaging equipment, grinders, printers, sanders, presses where positioning and limited space are important factors.


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10 (qty) D210L050 Dual Timing Belts (Use Order Now Link at Bottom)

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