Slome Belting
27100 Richmond Rd.
Suite 4
Cleveland, Ohio 44139

Telephone: 440-349-9024
Toll-Free: 866-797-0669
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We have been in business since 1938 and originally supplied leather belting and related items to industry. Today we still sell leather belting but our specialty now is providing a broad line of conveyor belting and power transmission products. We have access to hundreds of styles of conveyor belting for the smallest conveyors and the largest systems requirements.

We do in-house or field service work on conveyor belts, such as shortening or making inserts (Dutchmen) to add length to the belt. We also are capable of lacing belts with either FLEXCO OR CLIPPER lacing.

We carry a large selection of Classical V-belts for industry and home in standard, metric and hard to find sizes at our Solon, Ohio warehouse.

Our belt inventory also includes any type of Synchronous belts, Poly-V, Polyflex, Variable speed and various types of link-belting, perforated and open-end. We can fabricate these belts to your specifications. Round Urethane belts can be made on site.

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